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Our goal is to give people a safer living. With our solutions you will have a better control over things in the home. To have control will reduce anxiety and stress. You feel safe and thereby you feel better. Therefore we would like to help real estate and facility management companies offer safer living to their customers.

Our guiding principle is simplicity. It should be easy to use, install and maintain our solutions. Simplicity combined with modern and appealing design make our products live up to the statement: products that seniors need and everybody wants.

Sensagon was established in 2006 as a result of the founders’ earlier engagement in issues around technology as an enabler for ”keep living at home”. We have participated in the governmental initiative ”Technology for seniors” to make our solutions more accessible.

Safety is often high on the agenda for tenants and landlords as well as other policy- and decision-makers. Safer living and safe housing will continue to be current issues – our contribution is C.STATUS™.

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