What is safety to you?

To go on vacation and know that everything is closed and locked

When we go to our cottage, it is nice to know that everything is locked and closed in the apartment. A quick look at the panel, and you know that the balcony door is closed and that it won’t rain through an open bedroom window. It is extra nice not to have to worry if you are going to be away for a long time.

Lillemor och Oluf Rasmussen, Stockholm

To know that I can easily check myself that the door is locked

Sometimes I forget to lock the door when I go to bed. It does not feel good to wake up in the morning and realize that I have slept with the door unlocked. Anything can happen. Now I see straight away if I have forgotten to lock when I go to bed. Good!

Elaine Ericsson, Stockholm

To be aware of risks and the available tools

Too often I see how badly affected people are when something unexpected happens to them. It leaves a mark for a long time. Awareness is a key word for safety in my view. To be aware of risks, of which systems are available and how your tools work: this is what I call safety.

Göran Bergsman, säkerhetssamordnare Hudiksvalls- & Nordanstigs Kommuner

Om Trygghet

Life is a little easier when you feel safe

Safe living

For many people it is important to be able to keep living in your apartment as you grow older. One safety factor can be to know your neighbors, another to find your way in your immediate environment, and one more to be able to maintain familiar routines and habits. Many people spend more time at home as they age, which also increases the demand on the home environment.

An advantage for all

There are large advantages both for individuals and society to create safe and sound home environments that are prepared for the elderly. This will make it possible for more people to keep living at home, should they so wish

Our solution for a safer everyday

Our solution for a safer living is the C.STATUS™ system. It helps you remember things that otherwise could create an unnecessary worry. Did I lock the door? Did I unplug the iron? Did I turn off the stove?
With C.STATUS™ you don’t have to worry. This is an important element in order to feel safe and to be able to handle your own daily life at an advanced age.

C.STATUS from Sensagon is suitable for:

• new housing
• re-building and renovation
• upgrading of individual units/apartments

The systems can be installed as stand-alone, without the need for any other change or adaptation, which means that C.STATUS™ can cost-effectively improve the safety in existing housing. The installation in a normal apartment takes 1-2 hours. In new constructions or larger renovation projects it takes even less.

With the C.STATUS™ system there are several different display units and sensors, all of which are developed based on normal peoples’ need for safety. A safety that leads to a better living environment and thereby to a better quality of life.

Please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more!

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