This is how C.STATUS works

C.STATUS™ is a system for increased safety in the home. It helps you remember things that otherwise may cause unnecessary worry. Did I lock the door? Did I unplug the iron? Did I turn off the stove?
With C.STATUS™ you don’t have to worry. This is an important element in order to feel safe and to be able to handle your own daily life at an advanced age.

The C.STATUS™ Panel shows the status for different items in the home. It shows whether windows and doors are closed or locked, or whether electrical appliances such as stove, iron or coffee-maker are turned off.

A sensor is mounted on the items to be monitored. Every sensor sends its current status to the chosen panel. All communication is wireless which makes both installation and use easy and flexible.

The products in the C.STATUS™-system are available in basic packages and as separate units. For larger installations, we tailor the equipment to fit the layout of the object. For new construction and renovations, there are components for putting directly into the distribution box of apartments (DIN rail mounting). This gives a very simple installation.

Below is a selection of the components in the C.STATUS™ system.

Standard panel

The standard panel has an appealing design and can be placed where it is of best use: by the front door, in the bedroom or visible from the TV chair. It clearly shows what is on and off, open and closed and locked. The information can be presented with text in different languages or pictures and is adaptable to different needs. The standard panel has six clear display fields and can manage information from up to 48 sensors. Several segments can be combined in order to give a bigger and even clearer display field. There is also a twin panel for those who would like to check the status from different locations in the home.

Symbol panel

The symbol panel is designed to blend in with all home settings. It is small and unobtrusive but still clearly tells whether anything is open or turned on. The information is shown as six distinctly lit symbols corresponding to the most common items in a home. In new buildings it can be mounted directly on an appliance box to eliminate visible cabling. The symbol panel has six display fields and can manage information from up to 48 sensors.

Door and window sensor

A slender sensor to be mounted on the door or window frame. It transmits information to any chosen panel to say whether the door or window is open or closed. The sensor consists of a sensor part and a magnet part, both mounted in a white casing. Additional magnet switches can be connected to the sensor. In this way a balcony door and one or more windows can be monitored by one and the same sensor.

Lock switch

A small, easily mounted switch which indicates whether the front door is locked or not. It is mounted in the striking plate of the door and wire-connected to a panel or a door sensor. Suitable for locks with either bolt or hook.

Wall sensor

The wall sensor works like the wire sensor below. The difference is that it is used for a permanent installation. In a new building or a renovation, a wall sensor can be built in with an appliance box and monitor appliances that are connected to one or several electrical outlets. In this way all sockets in the kitchen, say, can be connected to the same panel.

Wire sensor

This sensor looks like a short extension cable. Connect it between the outlet and the iron, the coffee maker or another electrical appliance and it will tell the panel when the appliance is turned on. Plug a wire sensor in an outlet, for example in the kitchen, and connect to an outlet strip and several appliances can be monitored together.

Stove sensor

To see if the stove is on, connect the sleek stove sensor behind the stove. If the stove has a so-called Perilex contact, anyone can connect it, no authorization required! It shows whether the stove is on or off and does not interfere with the use of the stove in any way. We also offer variants for other types of connections and with a timer. In new housing, the stove sensor can be delivered for permanent installation.


Did I lock the front door? The C.STATUS™ Tag makes it easy always to know. Put the tag on your key ring and a distinct symbol will show whether you locked the door when you left home.

Just like all products in the C.STATUS™ product range from Sensagon, the key tag is clear and self-explanatory and thereby easy to use.

The Tag is made in red or black and with two different display types. One has a large padlock showing whether the door is locked and six small dots that correspond to the display fields on the panel. The other type has six symbols of equal size, like the Symbol panel.

Contact us... find out more about the C.STATUS™ system! There are more components in the product series and we can offer alternative solutions in tailor-made projects. One example is a Family Line via broadband and Safety Alarm for nursing homes and assisted living.

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